Opportunities – Do we all get them?

Growing up as a girl child in Zimbabwe, I really wasn’t sure if any opportunities would come my way for me to achieve what I imagined I would achieve. In my early years of high school, I would go to school and do the business of the day and that was it. All I knew was that I one day want to be successful but I didn’t know how. I learnt at Gwindingwi High School, which was not among the best schools in the area. There was no career guidance to talk about, all I had was hope. I hoped that one day I will know what I wanted to be in the future, and its interesting that I was very comfortable and was not worried about it for a single day. If I can say, this is the time that I really lived one day at a time, without thinking about tomorrow.

Years went by, I wrote my O Levels, got 5 As and 5Bs then I transferred to a boarding school Silveira High School where my brother was doing his A Levels. My brother was and is still among the smartest and intelligent people I know and he somehow determined the  subjects that were given to me at this new school, not directly though but rather without him knowing. When the senior master who was allocating the new students their classes saw my surname, he imposed that I do Maths , Physics and Chemistry for my A levels because he thought I was as intelligent as my brother. This was the first opportunity that rang a bell inside me, I didn’t think I was good enough to do such a combination of subjects.

All those smiles for the life changing opportunity we all got……

Time went by, ups and downs I went through my A level and I managed to get 18 points after adding Accounts to my combination. Again I was inspired to add the fourth subject by my brother who did five subjects and got 23 points. I then applied for the Joshua Nkomo Scholarship Fund (a scholarship for academic excellence offered by the Higherlife Foundation). I got the scholarship for my University education, this again was a life changing opportunity for me. I applied for Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery Degrees at the University Of Zimbabwe which I got, another life changing opportunity.

Time and again, I meet new people who offer life changing opportunities in the most unimaginable ways, but opportunities keep coming and I’m so grateful. There is a question that keeps coming to my mind every time I get even the smallest of opportunities in my day to day life. Is everyone else getting opportunities to lead them where they want to be? Is a girl who is in her early high school years at Gwindingwi at this moment getting opportunities as well? What about a girl who didn’t get an opportunity to go to school to start with, how will they be able to reach their goals if they miss such a life changing opportunity?