Being A Child Is So Exhilarating…

When I was below ten years of age, life was so beautiful and fulfilling but that is the time that I didn’t work so hard to achieve anything. Every day was a totally new day disconnected to the previous or the future day. I would wake up with so much energy to play and every time I was awake it was play, play, play. At the moment that’s all I could think about, so even when my mother would call me home to bath or eat, I would feel disturbed because to me the day was so short, I couldn’t get enough play in one.

That’s my 14 year old little brother having a moment….

I had friends from different social classes in the growth point, we would all be playing together. During that time, we all had fantasies about how our future lives would be like especially during the time when we would be playing house. The beauty of a fantasy that I know even now is that it doesn’t have any limits. I could describe my future career or family the way I was imagining it and we had no limitations to that. No one among the group would stop at imagining what they wanted because someone else have imagined it. Now that I’m thinking deeply about it, I think as children we knew for sure that our successes in life are individualized and so everyone was creating their own reality without focusing much on what someone else is creating.

During the times when we had fights during playing, the approach to solving it was always like a GPS. You know what GPS does when it tells you to take the next right but you don’t, it redirects you from where you are at that particular moment. It never says you should now stop and let’s discuss why you didn’t follow instructions. There was no moment when we would seat down to explain how everything went wrong and who should have done what better, so that the outcome would have been different. We would just look at the current problem and address it from there, we didn’t care much of the details of how it happened.

If someone was to be angry, bully or selfish, we would tell them how we no longer want to play with them forever, but forgiveness would come within minutes and we would reunite. Every day was new to an extent that if we went to sleep, we would wake up and not pay attention to the activities of the previous day, all we knew was playing should be fun. The so called realities of life were introduced to us slowly with the adults we lived with or met from around 6 years. They would tell you how you should never play with such and such a friend, they would remind you that if you give someone your toy again today he/she will do what he/she did yesterday, they would ask for the specific details of what went wrong when you were playing, they will tell you reasons why your fantasy will remain a fantasy.

Of course they didn’t mean any harm, but I’m just thinking what if they left us in that world. What if what we call reality today became reality because we have fantasized it for long enough without realizing? What if the way we lived as children is the purest form of living? If people left children in their fantasy lands and their forgiving selves, does that mean we can create a generation with abundance of love, kindness, forgiveness, sharing and joy by supporting the realities of our children? What somebody did yesterday is considered today’s reality, what we do today is considered tomorrow’s reality. How much of what we are doing today is subconsciously considered reality for tomorrow?