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How many times have you wished that God will give you a full step by step manual for your life so that you don’t have to doubt whether you should go here or there? I am one of the people who always wanted to live a fully planned life, with no confusion or uncertainty in it, but God has a way of calming us down to trust His sovereign hand’s guidance in our lives. Not everyone is living their life that way, but if you are, this may be worth a read.

From a very early age in high school, I would imagine all my life laid out in a way that I thought was the best at that time. I would imagine myself going to a university for three or 4 years, graduating and getting a decent job, buying a beautiful car, getting married and having my cute family which lived happily ever after in my imagination. Everything had to go from point A to point B until it gets to point Z when I finally die. In my imagination I never thought about how the world would be changing with time, I never thought about how I will be changing with time, everything just had to be straight forward but I now know it isn’t. It took me many years and many good friends to realize that God works in ways we will never understand no matter how we try.

All the things I prayed for since back then, are happening in a very different fulfilling and miraculous ways than I could have imagined. It takes effort to look back at my life and remember the prayers that I did back then, what I was imagining and what God eventually gave me. If we don’t try to remember the prayers we did back then and look at our lives now to see how God is answering them, I’m afraid we may miss on the miracles of God all day everyday. We are caught up in the things that are not unfolding in a way we want them to unfold and we forget how our previous prayer requests were granted abundantly above what we had asked for. What if the way things are unfolding right now in your life is exactly the way God wants them to unfold for reasons only known to Himself.

We are caught up in wanting to know lots of things that affect our day to day lives, if this job contract expires, where would I work? Will I get a good salary? Will I be able to take care of my family? Not that it’s a bad thing to think about that, my best friend used to tell me all the time that I was overthinking. There is definitely a difference between thinking and overthinking at least for me, if I’m overthinking I will be so worried and having trains of thoughts, questions and answers which are most likely not correct but they will just occupy my mind, steal my joy, keep me busy but doesn’t change anything.


Trusting God’s promises is the way to go. God’s promises in His word may be too far fetched for some of us to relate to. We know He said we are fearfully and wonderfully made, but our circumstances or “reality” may not be showing the wonderfully made part in our own eyes.

We know that everything works for the good to those that love the Lord, but if you look at your life right now, it may be headed in a direction in which not any human will imagine how that will work for the good because all we see are things working for the worst.

Mary the mother of Jesus teaches us a great lesson on how to trust God even though we don’t understand how we are supposed to get to the promised end point. She got a prophecy from the angel of the Lord about the child she was carrying in her womb becoming the Deliverer of all nations. She definitely didn’t have a manual of making babies into Saviors, she didn’t know how she was supposed to make this baby a King and Deliverer, all she could do best was to be a mother and it turns out it wasn’t her role to make Jesus King, but it was her role to be Jesus’s mother. She knew that when she had a baby, she had to follow the customs of the Jewish people at that time, she had to present the baby to Jerusalem…all these things were not supernatural in themselves but God trusted her to do the natural so that He will do the supernatural.

When we do what we know and play our roles according to the word of God, it gives God an opportunity to do the supernatural and to teach us and guide us in every step. Getting a life manual step by step was going to make sense if God was going on vacation, so we will have to use that when He is not there until He comes back. But our Lord is ever present in our lives, for us to step on step A with no clue where step B is and knowing that when step A is over, He will light step B and we can always call on Him if the B is not clear to help us anyway.

God has put us in the situations that we are in now to do our best, to love the people around us as He instructed us to, to work at the jobs that we are at whole heartedly, to forgive people and move on, to be kind to one another, to be generous, to support the families He gave us, to be mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers that we were called to be. Let’s trust Him with everything including the things we can’t control and allow His Holy Spirit to do work in us to give us peace, joy and love while we are trusting Him with our dreams, fears and futures.

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23 Replies to “Live Life Anyway…”

  1. I love how you mentioned that a manual is needed when God would be on vacation. Thanks for reminding that he is omnipresent. Sometimes life is confusing and trusting in the Lord brings so much peaceπŸ”₯

  2. He is omnipresent for real. And we tend to forget that most of the times…it’s great having reminders like this

  3. I loved this. Someone once mentioned that maybe someday, we make it a point to stop making our prayers all about asking and make them about gratitude. Because like you said, we overlook answered prayers.

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